As venison is a very lean meat, best results will be achieved if it is served rare to medium-rare in order to retain the meat's juiciness and tenderness. It is very important to not over-cook venison and always allow it to rest for at least five minutes before serving in any recipe.


Mandagery Creek Australian Farmed Venison is young, tender with a delicate flavour, so no marinating or heavy sauces are necessary to enjoy this wonderful meat. Sweet chutneys, fruit-based glazes or fresh fruit salsas compliment venison well and are perfect solutions for easy venison meals.

Here are some of the different cuts of meat we sell at farmers markets and through retail outlets. If you are looking for something specific, please give call us on 0417 488 619 and we can make arrangements.


Tenderloin - Our ‘prime’ cut, the tenderloin is beautifully tender with the finest grain. Best suited to a quick sear in a hot pan and then approximately 5 minutes (for a tenderloin weighing about 450-500g) in a hot oven before resting for 5 minutes.

Leg steaks - Venison for beginners; these tender little steaks need just a minute and a half on a hot pan or barbecue and are fantastic with a simple salad or some roast vegetables.

Roasting pieces - Sear whole piece in a hot pan and then into a hot oven (200C) then rest for half of the cooking time. This cut is also great diced and used in ‘wet’ dishes (casseroles and curries). Also great in a pot roast (retro, yes but delicious).

Racks - A fantastic dinner party option. Rub the meat with some crushed peppercorns and maybe some other spices (we like to toast a mixture of fennel, cumin and coriander seeds) and roast in a hot oven for approximately 20 minutes. Otherwise cut the rack into cutlets and barbecue them individually.

Mince - Use our mince in ragu sauces, burgers, lasagne, anywhere you normally use mince. Keep in mind venison mince contains hardly any fat at all so it’s great if you are trying to ‘trim’ down favourite recipes.

Osso Buco - Brilliant as a slow braised dish, venison osso buco falls off the bone and makes a great dinner with mashed potato, or even flaked into pies or pasta dishes.

Sausages - Our sausages are full of juicy venison and punchy flavour. Great cooked on a barbecue or hot pan and when chopped into little meat-ball size pieces and browned before going through a basic tomato sauce they make an excellent pasta sauce or casserole.

Pies - In three different sizes (family, individual and cocktail) our pies have developed quite a following and are a great standby option have stashed in the fridge or freezer. Big chunks of tender meat with a pepper and blue cheese sauce and proper flaky pastry, they really are worth trying.


We hope these recipes provide you with confidence and inspiration to enjoy cooking venison at home.


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